In this epic world of children fighting a war across the stars against giant dinosaurs, massive insects and luminous beings controlling giant machines, what do you hear in your head as the soundtrack?


Is it an epic, full throttle electric guitar & keyboard rock theme song similar to Power Rangers and (the original) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? 


Or is this John Williams territory?


Maybe something else?


Just curious to get everyone's thoughts.

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Cheesy Japanese rock ballads about star-crossed lovers and falling flower blossoms, involving recklessly inappropriate and incomplete metaphors!

When I was reading the premise of this story I feel something BIG such as cymbals crashing and french horns, perhaps violins.  I guess I remember the countless times my Auntie Kitty took me to the Boston Pops.  Now I have fond memories but then I seem to remember a fidgeting kid that annoyed Auntie. Lol


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