Quantum Theory

Two women of science build a prototype with the power to alter reality itself.  When that device is stolen and deployed by a sinister defense contractor, the only way to save our world... is to reinvent it!

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SASSxACCELERATION is a mocumentary college podcast featuring the characters of Quantum Theory, in which future mad scientists Chelsea Barrington and Gertrude Monroe debate and debunk the science of pop culture and modern mythology. MEET THE QUANTUM MECHANICS:




Tybee Diskin: Chelsea
Danielle K. Jones: Roe
Ray Auxais: Aslan
Gregory Itzin: Mr. Fenris
Gerard Marzilli: Lee
Erin Stack: Alex
Cesar Ramos: Hector
Tyler Seiple: Mr. Welles
Ariana Almajan: Dr. Hitchcock
Dove Meir: Jacobson

Johnny Derango: Cinematographer, Producer
Tybee Diskin: Producer
Aimée Flaherty: Line Producer
Dan "the Hammer" Hegarty: Composer
Lee Hulme: Co-Producer
Danielle K. Jones: Producer
Gerard Marzilli: Producer
Arron Nelson Jr.: Producer
Tyler Seiple: Co-Producer
Launa C. Staehle: Production Designer
Tennyson E. Stead: Writer, Director, Producer

Erin & Carolyn McCann
Leslie Schipa

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