One of my favorite elements of Quantum Theory is the "heist" aspect. I've always enjoyed watching a group of highly skilled individuals come together to steal something. I not only like stories about the heist itself but also about the consequences. Some of my Favorites are Heat, reservoir Dogs (great tale about the aftermath of a heist), Public Enemies ( about a heist spree and how it wears on the perps), Raiders of the Lost Ark (come on! Stealing supernatural artifacts from an army of Nazis?! The ultimate heist!) and also the wonderful french film Rififi! What do you all like? I'd love some recommendations!

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Three Kings is another good war heist... and along pseudo-similar lines, The Man Who Would Be King! There's a little of that movie in Quantum Theory, for sure.

omg i totally forgot about that movie -- i remember really being surprised how much i liked it!!  i also think it is my favorite george clooney performance.  TMWWBK sounds familiar but i am almost positive i did not see it -- is it an old movie?

It's a con movie about two men stealing an African country, starring Donald Sutherland and Sean Connery - and it's wonderful.

Man!  I haven't seen that film since I was little and all I remember was thinking "Whoa!  The Greek king from Time bandits really needs to put his clothes back on!!  Sounds like it would be right up my alley these days though!  Uh...I mean...the political/historical part...not the naked Sean Conner...oh never mind...

Hudson Hawk! Thank you, Erin. I have to say, that movie has the power to bring a smile to my face no matter what. It's just so clever! And To Catch A Thief - another classic. 

Did anyone mention The Italian Job? I always thought the minis were quite fun. And Office Space - hello? Best performance of a stapler in a heist movie, by far.

Re: The Usual Suspects - I always suspect Spacey, so I wasn't too surprised at the end, but I was enormously pleased with the film as a whole. As a side note, the fact that I always suspect Spacey is why I can't watch K-Pax without thinking it's a con movie. :)

Also, votes coming in from Facebook and Twitter for: The Hot Rock, The Inside Man, and the Thomas Crown films. 

Inside Man is VERY cool , for sure!

Did I mention the Great Muppet Caper? How could I forget that...

What is the Hot Rock, Danielle?  And did you post the discussion on Facebook and twitter?  If so, thx!

OMG OFFICE SPACE!!!  how did i forget that??  i am semi-obsessed with that movie.  good call!!  as for spacey, agreed he is very suspicious but i tend to turn my brain off in a movie which is why if i somehow manage to call an ending, that means you didn't make a very good movie because it was SUPER obvious.  and speaking of spacey, i think this is a heist movie, or at least heist-esque: 21, the "true story" of harvard kids and their teacher who count cards?  i didn't see it in theaters and my expectations were low but i thought it was very entertaining.

i also liked the (remake with pierce brosnan) "thomas crowne affair" and "the italitan job" -- what is "inside man"?

Inside Man is a Spike Lee movie with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington about a bank robbery.

I have no idea what Hot Rock is. It was a Facebook response I got. The Hot Rock... let's see. It's a movie from 1972 with Robert Redford and George Segal.

More replies coming in: The Ladykillers (both versions), Heat, Fast 5, Killing Zoe, The Great Muppet Caper, Point Break, and Candleshoe. 


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