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Hi Aaron... I'm really loving what is in the head of Sam Bailey... I haven't met you yet, but I hope Ten will introduce us on one of my trips to CA... He is working on the script this week I think and I can't wait to read the next re-write... All this is soooooo exciting! I will continue to check 8 sided for all the updates... Warm regards, Deidra (Mother of Tennyson)
Nonsense! You guys met at "Of Mice and Men", when Aaron was young and beautiful!

Besides, Aaron and Aunt Juba are thick as thieves from way back, apparently.
You are all still young and beautiful to me... If my memory serves, both Tennyson and Senofer were involved in the production of Mice and Men, and I was a nervous wreck... I think I may have met everyone both of you knew on the planet that day. (Aaron will forgive me, I hope.) My anxiety attack was unfounded, however, as everyone performed so professionally, and it did not suprise me as much as it produced a flood of joy and awe only Mothers can know at seeing their progeny receive so much sastisfaction and have so much fun doing something they profoundly care about.

I miss that little Black Box theatre... We had some great times there. And I am beside myself with glee and anticipation over what my stellar children and their extraordinarily talented friends and associates are going to serve up next. It is almost too scintillating to contemplate... But, I'm ready nonetheless. Bring on the magic! Transport me!
I'm glad you're enjoying it. So is Sam. We have much to say. What a long, strange trip it continues to be - for us all.

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