Hi Everyone!

  So sorry to be MIA!  But I've been caught up in the being Director of Operations of the Catalina Film Festival.  People keep asking me how it went.  Well...while we were running it, we were stressed out to the max to make sure that everything went well.  So it didn't feel fun but now that's it's over and we can look back on it, we can look back with pride because Stan Lee and Mark Rydell (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0753073/) both said they loved it and that it felt like a mini Cannes Festival.  Highest praise possible from two incredible men.  Not to mention a West Coast Premiere of the Rob Reiner film starring Morgan Freeman called The Belle of the Isle.  AND an INCREDIBLE animation panel with Berke Breathed (Bloom County) on it. 

      Not to mention our beloved April Wade and Corey Wish were live streaming the whole weekend, got an interview with Stan Lee, Rachel Lee Cook and all the filmmakers.  And over 200k live views later, made an incredible impression in the internet world.   That's over 200,000 live stream VIEWS in 3 DAYS!  Amazing!

You can check out more about the Catalina Film Festival at



Twitter @catalinafilm

I'm going to go take a nap =) 

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Sorry guys!  That posted before I could correct something.  The Rob Reiner movie is The MAGIC of Belle Isle. 

I got to meet Rachel Leigh Cook a few times working on Bob Funk, and I love her - she is literally, actually the sweetest human being on the planet.  

Did she make a movie that screened at the festival?


Thank you Joseph!  Yes!  She starred in a movie that her husband directed called Broken Kingdom!

Ha!  He, also, is the nicest person.  They are a twin-headed engine of nice.

... and I found the trailer!

Also, I am very glad the festival was a success.  You deserve it, and I know how hard something like this is to pull together.

Wrangling one production team is hard enough.  Wrangling hundreds of them... is not for me!

It can be a wonderful and awful expereince all at once! =)

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